Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh My …

This post should be entitled “dog barf, bird poop, and poison ivy, oh my...”

As most mornings, the day began with the popular question “Can we watch Pokemon?” which resulted with an atypical answer “No, we are going to yoga this morning.”

As you may or may not know, I have been letting go of the “no tv in the mornings” since summer began so this morning was different. There would be no Pokemon this morning. The resounding sounds that emitted from my children’s mouths were basically “Nooooo, please don’t make me.”  But today was my day and, after almost a month and a half doing much less than I really need in order to keep my sanity, it was time for yoga.

So the day began with a nice hour of yoga for me and an hour of kid yoga for the young ones. That went well and everyone was in a wonderful mood as we headed off to some errands. Oddly, even running the few errands with the kids went nicely. I think it must have been the yoga that kept everyone calm.

When home, E asked to make lunch which I was more than happy to accept. She made pulled pork sandwiches on the panini grill  and a side salad of kale, brussel sprouts and sunflower seeds. That little lady is so much more adventurous than I was at her age and it is a joy to see her enjoy cooking.

The true trio of fun began as we were sitting down to enjoy the lovely lunch E had prepared. As we were sitting down our lovely dog, MaizyMoo, decided that it would a perfect time to throw up the tigerlilies and daylilies we had not yet dug out of the backyard. I swear, that dog and her barfing is a non-stop story almost every single summer, this being the third. I had hoped that she would not head straight for the delicious yet poisonous lilies after she returned from being at her ‘camp’ while we were on vacation. Having so much grass around at the ‘camp’ it made sense to me that she did not need these poisonous flowers in her belly.  She had gotten her fill of grasses at camp, right? But dogs do not make sense, especially ours, and so dog barf was the preprogrammed.  Three times she barfed in one sitting.  Excruciating to watch it was even more excruciating to clean up.

The second of the joys occurred while cleaning up the barf. I was using our steam cleaner when I managed to hear over the roaring of the machine “Ooooooh, gross” from my son and “Oh, my gosh, ewwwwwww, gross” from my daughter. The children were outside, the young one sitting on the steps in the backyard. His sister had been tearing out the aforementioned lilies to make sure no more lilies would be eaten by Miss Maizy.  I, being almost 10 years into this parenting thing, know that it is often best to leave the kids to their own devices especially when I am in the midst of a gross job. But with more screams from the kids I turned off the steam cleaner to investigate.  The kids were both right. Something was terribly gross. E was jumping around like a maniac from side to side on front of her brother. Little brother was sitting unable to move his arm due to a large amount of bird poop on his arm … his poison ivy arm. And so I lead into the third portion of the day of joy.


Poison ivy. It is something that I am familiar with having grown up in the South. Many a time I was covered in poison ivy as was my brother in those hot summer days.  If some of you have never had the joy of experiencing poison ivy, I would suggest you think of it as chicken pox.  For my little one, whose system is always on high alert, poison ivy is no joke. What  in the early morning were (I thought) a few odd mosquito bites became by late afternoon clusters of bites and the traditional oozing of the wound.   I had tried my best with calamine lotion and Benadryl to keep his itching in check but to no avail.  After an unsuccessful bike ride around the block  which included falling off of his bike while riding on the sidewalk, the poison ivy and Benadryl had taken their toll. I felt terrible for the little man and so the Walk-In Clinic would be on our list of places to “See and be Seen” this summer.  There was no wait to see the doctor, she prescribed a topical cortisone as well as an alternative antihistamine and off we were.

At home we have been drawing cool oatmeal baths twice a day. We are waiting patiently for the joy of the poison ivy to be gone from our lives.



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