It’s Been a Long, Hot Summer

Well, no, actually it has not been a hot summer. It’s been rather on the cool side truthfully.


But it’s been long and mean that in the most wonderful and positive way.


It has been one of those summers that I always wanted but was too fearful, I suppose, to have or let happen. But with the kids getting older and a wee more independent (although trying to take a shower alone still won’t happen as I will be asked “what does t-h-a-t spell?” while mid-shampoo) it is important for me to enjoy this summer. I know that. And, thank goodness, I have been.


Yesterday I saw a friend and she asked me what I and we have been doing all summer. And you know what? I honestly had to think.


It was not the “Oh we’ve been soooo busy I can not even think what we’ve done as we’ve rushed from camp to after-camp activities to bed” answers.

Building box

My answer was simple: “Wow, we’ve just been relaxing, having a few play dates, going grocery shopping, riding bikes, reading books and all around lounging.”


Last week when we received our school information packet and it suddenly hit home. This summer is almost over.


It sounds funny, even to me, to say that after three months with the kids that I don’t want to see them go back to school.


The initial few days passed by oh so very slowly and then suddenly, at about the halfway mark of break, times began to slip away.  And now I look at the last week before school begins and think “Wow, where has the time gone?”


I will sip my coffee this cloudy and quiet Friday morning and take the day as it comes.


It will just be Buddha and me when they are back at school.  Heavens, I will miss those kids of mine when they are gone – and I think Buddha will, too.




  1. Brigitte Fessele

    A picture can speak a thousand words, and these images surely do, and they tell a lovely story. But your words do, too 🙂 And, yes, isn’t it funny when at the beginning of a rather long stretch of time, no matter what the reason, we think, what am I going to do during that time, ti’s so long. And then, all of a sudden, we come to the end of that time frame, and we wonder how that time went by so quickly. When the kids go back to school (btw, around where Maria lives, school starts in the beginning of September as well), you will surely not be bored after the first couple of hours after you dropped them off, i assure you!! In fact, with the zillion things you need to and want to do, you’ll have to remind yourself just how you managed your day before the summer break 🙂 Love, Mom

  2. Amy

    I really love the pictures in this one: I really think most moms relate to this….oops I see a typo:😁 after the second picture. It has “been” one of those summers.
    I’m glad you had so much time with your kiddos this summer. It’s important. They will rembember their mom was home with them and how much fun they had. Camps, gardening, swimming, fort making!
    Love you

    1. VintageFireflies

      Even a perfectionist needs a friend… thanks for catching that error.
      Thomas asked the kids what they enjoyed most about the summer when they were chatting last night. Interestingly it was exactly what you mentioned also: gardening, fort building, and playing.
      It has been an awesome summer.

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