Why Hadn’t I Thought of That?

An art exhibit! That’s it, exactly what I never thought of in order to sell all of my crap. Who needs a garage sale with people traipsing through your yard and garage to haggle down the prices of items that are already being given away practically for free?


Instead, set up an art exhibit with your ‘treasures’ in a prime location (say downtown Toronto’s Harbourfront) and voila …items are SOLD. Truly genius.

Here is the story. It was a gorgeous Sunday afternoon in Toronto. The Blue Jays had played the Baltimore Orioles and it was time to either go back home to the ‘burbs or … wait for it … stay in town.  Insane. I know.

The hubby insisted that we not rush back home and, somewhat reluctantly, I agreed.  We wandered over to Steam Whistle Brewery and enjoyed a much needed sample beer. I must admit, it was the highlight of the afternoon so far as the Jays had lost.  No playoffs for our team.  Steam Whistle was full of other baseball fans and getting fuller by the minute, so we headed out of the brewery to the mini-train where the kids enjoyed a ride around the grounds.


Again, the kids were hankering to head home but the hubby, in all of his wisdom, refused to leave the excitement of downtown. I am pretty sure the suburban lifestyle is killing him softly with its song. Realizing we were into the day trip for the long haul, I persuaded him to head towards the waterfront. Perhaps there we would find respite from the humidity of the day.  We did find the much needed break and enjoyed walking along the harbour. And then we came upon what I can only refer to as a scene from The Lorax.


There was a little park with gorgeous trees and lovely green astroturf.




Ugh. The fake grass  was, is and will always be horrendous in my book. Label it what you like but it is still fake and plastic. It is  not grass, it’s gross.  I am sure people can make a case for it but all that was needed was the Truffula tree and the Lorax to pop up from behind the port-a-potty.

After being shocked by this bit of the urban future we headed to an art gallery/studio for recently graduated artists.  A few minutes were spent watching glass blowing which we all found very exciting. Following the glass blowing we headed to an exhibit entitled Suburbia. Now I love an artist as much as anyone else does. At first, the concept was to me something left for those moving in the right hand lane on the highway of life. But after thinking about what we saw next, I realized that the exhibit was genius. Well, maybe not genius but it was pretty awesome. So here it is. Sit down and brace yourself.


YES! The artist took everything that had been in his childhood home and arranged it very lovingly and creatively in an exhibit.


Every piece is, in fact, for sale. From old VHS cassettes and suitcases to a typewriter, cuckoo clock and too many chatskis .  And once the exhibit is over, all of the items are sold.


Heavens, really? Amazing. Had I known about this being an option, I would not have had that one garage sale 3 years ago that still haunts me when I sleep. (No, that $300 stroller is not free. I am asking $15 for it. It’s not much money and the buggy is in great shape. No, I would rather donate the buggy than have you try to get it for $10.)

Sometimes you really do have to leave the bubble to breath in some new ideas.

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Heather Grace says:

    love, love,love your expression. I feel like we are best friends having tea….and really….who could argue with you? I can relate!

    1. Thanks for your sweet comments 🙂 How about we have a art exhibit out here in our next of the woods … that would be fun!

  2. Brigitte Fessele says:

    Oh, I truly love that blog. It sounds like everyone had a wonderful time, and for good reason, despite perhaps some temporary reluctance here and there. Reading this blog makes me feel like I was right there 🙂

    1. We wish you had been there. You would have loved it also! But we will see you soon 🙂

  3. Merle says:

    I love this! Enjoyed reading it first thing this morning.

  4. Joy says:

    Great blog! Made me think and made me laugh! Thanks!

    1. Thanks! That is what I am here for 🙂

  5. You know, we mentioned your barn while looking at the exhibit and E said that you have better things for an art exhibit 🙂

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