The Joy of Shopping with my Passionate Daughter

On a brisk fall day like today, there is nothing better than a quiet afternoon with the little man off at an afterschool activity and time for my daughter and me to  walk through downtown with ice cream and shopping on our minds.

My husband has been travelling all week which means I was doing it all except sleeping alone.

Yes, you read it right. Sleeping alone is not what I do when the hubby is away. It’s not that we have an open marriage but rather that the kids feel it is their duty to comfort me and keep me company while he is away. Yes, all of you co-sleeping families out there can yell at me. Co-sleeping is nice and fine in theory HOWEVER I am into this parenting thing too damn long to keep thinking that those kiddos coming in to my room at night is anything other than breaking my sleep pattern. And as anyone who knows me can attest, I am a super bitch when I do not get my self-prescribed eight hours of sleep … eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. So with hubby away I am getting less than my eight hours of sleep.  When I add kids coming in and out of the bedroom multiple times every night over five nights as well as the blood moon, well, you can only imagine the horrors that my children woke up to on day five (today).


And so that lead to, “What shall I do to make up for the insanity that occurred in the morning?” as my daughter and I discussed afternoon options. Normally the little princess would also be exploring art at my very, very, very favourite Mexican artist’s studio. Yes, I love Patricia more than Frida Kahlo.  My little princess, however, broke her wrist a couple of weeks back while playing a game of pick-up soccer at school. So no art, no running, no horseback riding, no anything at all. OK, I digressed. Back on track. So, my girl and I thought a trip downtown for an hour or so would be great. After dropping off monsieur and his friend at art, missy and I made our way to Marble Slab to get our afternoon ice cream and then we went to my very favourite store in the entire world that picks me up when I am down: Anthropologie.


God, how I love this store and everything (I mean everything) in it. The sweaters (it is sweater weather up here now), the scarves, the candles, the home accessories … the honeysuckle perfume! HEAVEN!  Seriously.


The best part of the afternoon, other than finding a gorgeous swing sweater for this Thanksgiving weekend and a bottle of beautifully packaged honeysuckle perfume, was the fact that my almost 10 year old was as excited as I was about being in the store. Honestly. She loved it and was all sorts of inspired. She was throwing out ideas as to how to decorate her best friend’s barn in Germany.


“Mama, do you think that we could maybe paint one of the tables that we brought onto the Buehne in some really bright colours like yellow and green and purple? I could then make some pillows from some fabric. Do you think that Merle has stuffing for the pillows? I could totally do that. Oh, I can’t wait to go to Green Acres again!”  The excitement not only in her voice but in her entire being gave me such joy. I know that between horseback riding and designing she has no need for any other passions.

And that is really what it’s about, right? Finding your passion. And heaven knows, when I am around her, I feed off of her energy and her passion.

My passionate little one.

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  1. Patricia says:

    Absolutely LOVE IT! And yes, Emilia (and Louis) is so passionate about art
    that is a treat for me to be around her…I love my job.
    BTW, if you feel like going to anthropologie again soon CALL ME!
    And then we can come home for a Mexican lunch 🙂

    1. Girl! I need some Mexican food tonight! We settled for gnocchi a la moi, with garlic, jalapeño and goat cheese in evoo. And tasty red wine.
      Yes…let’s head over to Anthropologie. What inspiration!

  2. Amy says:

    I need to go to Anthropologie! I still have never been, you can yell at me!
    I too am not the co-sleeping mom. I hear ya. I’m happy you had time to spend with E and you needed to embrace your retail therapy today!
    Good for you!

    1. Let’s go in the next week or two then with Patricia! She is also wanting to take a trip downtown so I say we make it an inspirational morning with coffee and Anthropologie.

  3. Brigitte Fessele says:

    Anyone who has children knows just how much of a challenge they can be. But then, and sometimes completely unexpectedly, they are such an inspiration for us, their parents, passing their passion on to us and making us look at the world with somewhat different eyes…

    1. I would say that E inspires me everyday but sometimes more than less. The less is on those days that I feel like, well, I need to go back to sleep and start over again 🙂

  4. Emily Born says:

    E is such an amazing creature! I am honored to know her.

    1. Thanks, and I know we all feel the same about your bit of sunshine. I really meant it when I aid she was inspired in the store to get creative about the barn. Its tough not to get inspired at Anthropologie. Just going in there and having your senses enveloped is enough to realize the trip is like a micro-cation. We left left our bubble for an hour 🙂

  5. Merle says:

    Well, this just goes straight to my heart. I, too, am honored to know her. And I’m glad she’s got plans for the barn! I can arrange stuffing for the pillows. 🙂 I was just up there the other day and it totally needs to be “updated” again. My girls aren’t inspired to play there without E and L. 😦 And by the way, Frida Kahlo is one of two of my favorite women artists.

    1. I will find some of the fabric we have in the basement and get a working on the pillows. Good thing we have a few months until CGA (Camp Green Acres). And you know the inspiration is with the girls all together creating and executing their wonderful ideas. We are very, very lucky to have kids who are so different and yet so complementary.
      Who is your other favourite female artist?

    2. MarianneR says:

      Maybe they’d be inspired to get it ready for the next Illner visit if you told them that E is missing it, Merle!

      1. We might move into the barn. That is where my little one is most at home. Lord help me. I think she was a farm animal in a previous life … but it has not been proven yet save for when she rolls in the dirt – alot.

  6. Joy says:

    It’s great that she was inspired by the store and not insisting on making lots of purchases. I love the items they sell but $$$! Take ideas for free and go with it E!!

  7. My little one is the most frugal of the entire family. It actually makes me batty 🙂

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