Running Like a Nut in the Fall

I’ve mentioned it before, or at least I think I have. My kids love running. But not the traditional running. Nope. That would be too booooorrrrrring, especially for the little one. They enjoy trail running which is basically what I did growing up down south when we ran through the woods from one neighbour’s house to the other’s. Now it has a fancy name. (Is it me, or am I the only one who thinks about Iggy Azalea when I hear the word ‘fancy’?)


So what to do when your kids don’t play hockey in the Great White North nor do they really enjoy organized sports except for soccer? Wait, they do like soccer but only outdoor soccer because (and I quote) “I hate playing on that fake grass.” Fair enough.

For argument’s sake then I will say they really dislike any sports that are organized. Well, nothing really until one day while I was taking the kids and the pup for one of our walks along the creek near our house.  There we found a slew of kids with pinnies on.  I forgot to mention that the kids we saw were are all running like mad and with smiles on their faces that stretched from one ear to the other. The best part, the part that made my kids ask “can we do that?” is … wait for it … the kids were running through the creek.

adventure running

Now I consider myself a pretty cool mom. I have let my kids run through that creek on more than one occasion.  And now it would be supervised running through the creek if we find out where all of these kids have come from!  Heavens, I need to get some information and stat.

I find someone who looks like she is in charge and pepper her with questions like: “Wow, this looks amazing. What is this all about?” and  “Can my kids run with your kids, like, now?”

The answer to the first question was that the program is an adventure trail running program for kids that teaches them the skills necessary to participate in orienteering as they get older. What is orienteering? Well, here is the example I gave to my husband: it’s like a rally without the motor and wheels. Obviously this made it easier for my husband to understand.  I said,  “Think of your kids as the Porsche old-timers and they are learning through smaller rallies to one day be part of the Mille Miglia.” And voila, he understood.


The second question was answered with “I am so sorry but you will have to sign your kids up for the fall program as the spring program is already full.”  That’s ok. I made a note in my diary and then signed the kiddos up for Adventure Running Kids program this fall.

My daughter loved it beyond words until, of course, she broke her wrist. We are hoping to get her back to running for maybe the last two classes this December. And my son? Well, it was fun until it began to get dark earlier and earlier. Then he had to wear a headlamp to ARK and that, my friends, makes this program the best program he has ever done! Ever.

I mean he had dirt, sometimes mud as well as forests and trails, and now he has added in a headlamp!

2435_14_petzl_tikka_2_coreIt does not get better than that unless, of course, I gave him a Nutella sandwich at the end of his run. Good idea, actually.



  1. Brigitte Fessele

    Your posts are always so descriptive and put the reader right there along with you, the writer 🙂 And the pictures, wherever you may find or however you create those, they’re a just-right bonus!

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