Unlike Jimmy Fallon

I do not have my tight pants on.

tight pants

On the contrary, I have my fat pants on but only for the weekend.

And why, pray tell, do I have my fat pants on? Well, anyone who has ever enjoyed a Canadian or American Thanksgiving will know. The weekend is long and full of family, friends, food and drink. Might I add that the aforementioned are not always enjoyed in the order as listed.

We have really enjoyed this long Thanksgiving weekend more than usual.  In previous years we travelled out of town going to Muskoka and New York City.  This time we managed to stay home. We’ve spent the time with old friends and new.  We’ve enjoyed traditional foods (turkey, stuffing, candied yams, mashed potato, gravy and pumpkin pie) as well as non-traditional foods (spicy lamb curry with rice) at the Thanksgiving tables this weekend.

We began the weekend  driving an hour towards Niagara to visit one of the many falls along the Escarpment. Somehow over the four years we’ve lived here, our hiking horizon has brought us north and east but never westward. Vineland, where the falls we visited this weekend are located, is gorgeous, especially in the fall with its apples orchards and vineyards set against the background of changing leaves.


Exiting the highway we stopped by the first farm stand we saw and grabbed a basket of my favorite Honeycrisp apples and some fresh beans.  I love fresh fruit and vegetables, but you know that already.  We then headed up to Ball’s Falls Conservation Area. There we enjoyed a wonderful afternoon exploring the old grist mill (buying freshly ground whole wheat flour), visiting the church and, of course, taking in the view of the falls.  On the property there was also Ball’s Falls Thanksgiving Festival.  There we met one of the kids’ favourite guests from one of our favourite shows Dragon’s Den (think Shark Tank for Canada) … Karyn from Tail Wags helmet covers. Karyn was so nice and friendly and chatted with the kids about the importance of wearing helmets and even gave us some tips on great ski hills in the area.


Our final purchase and maybe my favorite part of the day was when we bought the kids each their own handblown drinking glass. It was only a few weeks back that we were in Toronto and saw artists blowing glass at Harbourfront Centre. And now there were glasses, the one-of-a-kind type that I love so much!  My little guy chose a gorgeous blue long glass while princess bought a light green goblet at The Glassmaker’s Bench. My hope is that the kids will love these glasses as much as I do and that my hubby will buy me a glass for Christmas (yeah, he reads this and yeah, I dream big!).


Saturday and Sunday was a smorgasbord of laughter and food for the four us. I am sitting here on my sofa prepared to watch some TV and, yes, I am in my fat pants. I have so much to be grateful for.


Have an amazing Thanksgiving all of my amazing Canadian friends and amazing friends in Canada.


  1. Brigitte Fessele

    You’re quite right. A Thanksgiving weekend, whether celebrated in Canada or in the United States, is long and full of family, friends, food and drink, with the aforementioned not always enjoyed in the order as listed. But your post convinces me that this past Thanksgiving weekend for sure was all about first family, then friends, and food and drink, though wonderful, were the bonus enjoyed with them!

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