Aaaaannnnd . . . GO!

This has been quite the week.  The challenge? Simply put, I have been challenged to blog every day for the month of October.

I am delighted to write every day, to be creative, but I have found it demanding. It demands much of my time, creativity and forces me to be more flexible (not something that is really in my nature).  I expect that with my determination to produce a blog day-in and day-out, the process will get easier just as it is for my friend, fellow blogger and seeker of new addresses: Jane from ExpatKimchi.


Jane and I have been friends since our days back in Stuttgart although a majority of the friendship has been spent corresponding via Skype and Facebook, the communication tools of today’s ¨older¨ generation. I’ve watched her moves: from Stuttgart to San Diego, back to Stuttgart and shortly thereafter she headed up towards Essen.  Watching her make each of these moves with her two (and later three) children in tow has been wonderful, especially seeing her do it with the grace and finesse as only Jane can do.

So why did I take the challenge? A few weeks back, Jane and I reconnected about the blogging experiences we were having. Of course, I called her as I enjoy talking soooooo much more than writing. Bear with me as I go off on this tangent. Why, you ask, do I enjoy talking on the phone rather than writing?  I mean, as a writer I should enjoy writing more than talking, non (insert French accent)?  I guess I need to rebrand myself. I am now a communicator.


There are a number of reasons I like talking rather than writing including the fact that I can multi-task while talking is the main one.  While chatting away I can watch tv, cook dinner, brush the dog, fold laundry, plan the week ahead and create world peace.  On a really good day, I can do all of the aforementioned simultaneously.  The second reason I enjoy chatting is the connection that I feel when talking.  I love to laugh over jokes and connect to deeper stories that, quite honestly, do not come as easily or quickly when writing. Being a squirrel myself, every little  nut that I see on the way of a long and winding conversation brings me about to another topic, and that continues for me over the course of the conversation. Oh my God, I just did it!  I went squirrely about why I took the blog-a-day challenge.  Before I reel off on another tangent the answer is simple. Jane had read on BlogHer about the October Challenge, asked me if I would participate with her and … voila … here we are.


And here  I am, forced to sit with my thoughts and concentrate on being creative.  Creativity comes easily to me but it’s the sitting down and focussing on one thing in particular that I am most challenged with. Even now, as I type this, Maizy is whining quietly outside our back door. She has not been taken yet on her walk.  Really, I think. A downward dog has not been on my schedule yet today either (nor will it) but you don’t hear me whining about it, at least not loudly.  And Miss Maizy, you can wait a few minutes until it’s time to get the kids?  Do your downward dog right there in the backyard. But me? Nope, I am writing and being creative. And I am making an espresso as it’s 3pm.


So I thank Jane for inspiring me on my less than creative days to get down and dirty, to ¨dig deep¨as Brene Brown says, and to be who I am. This is such an amazing journey I am on.  Thank you.



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  1. Brigitte Fessele says:

    And as you continue to live up to that once-a-day challenge, we are finding out more and more what a writer you are!

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