Speaking of being Grateful

As I write this post, I am watching CBC as a news conference unfolds about the shooting(s) that happened in Ottawa, the capital of Canada, today.

I am attempting to put together my feelings and thoughts about the tragedy without sounding trite. I am aware how much this country has shaped my appreciation of freedoms most in this world are not fortunate enough to have. Watching the news programs I also realized that my main concern is losing this freedom.

What I appreciate also is how careful the Canadian press has been in reporting this tragedy. There is virtually no jumping to conclusions and reporting of ‘gossip’ as so many of the news organizations in the United States are apt to do.

The linked footage from The Globe and Mail of the shots fired at Parliament Hill brought such chills to my spine. Watching it brought me back to watching the towers in New York City come down on September 11. I can not, at this time, explain why I am transported back so many years ago but I presume it is the close proximity of the violence. TV and the internet videos are incredibly powerful. I watched the towers come down while working in an office in Germany and now the shootings in Ottawa.

And speaking of grateful, and to make you laugh, I realized two more things today to be grateful for: a great dog groomer and a girlfriend who makes me laugh. (What does that have to do with above? The answer: nothing. It has nothing to do with the shootings in Parliament.)

To my first grateful post: a great dog groomer. OK, here is the thing about owning a Golden Retriever. They are furry and if you are as lucky as we are, the Golden Retriever in question is also loves to shed all the time. So to have a groomer this change of season makes my constant cleanup after aforementioned pup makes me insanely happy. No more poop hanging off of Maizy’s bottom because her fur is too long and Maizy has lime greens bows on her ears with little skulls on them for the Halloween season. I am skipping for joy.

And for my second grateful post: a girlfriend who makes me laugh.  As amazing as it is living here in Canada to have a fellow American who grew up with split level homes and watching SuperFriends on Saturday brings joy to my life beyond words.  Dropping by her house to grab a mesh net so I can juice my broccoli leaves in the Vitamix (yes, you read that correctly), we laughed over the fact that there is zero (none, nada) decent Mexican food within a 10 kilometre radius. Over that fantastic cup of coffee we laughed uncontrollably about the desire to open up a Tex-Mex joint. We named  it ‘Two White Girls and Burrito”. And with a lack of sleep and a stupid name for a Mexican restaurant, I am grateful for a great friend. Thank you, Amy!

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  1. Joy says:

    Well said. Much to be grateful for!
    If you open a Mexican restaurant, I’ll eat there often! I just bought fresh corn tortillas at Freshco for enchiladas.

    1. It’s crazy, eh? I think we need more Mexicans here and only then will we have the necessary base to support a yummy restaurant.

  2. Brigitte Fessele says:

    Seems there is no “safe” place when it comes to certain types of terrorism. No need to freak out, though, and let it take over the news completely, which actually feeds into terrorists’ intent: the more news, the better, and the more “effective” they feel. So, let’s not go that route…

  3. Emily Born says:

    I LOVE that you have Amy to laugh with!

    1. You know you meed someone who gets those references from growing up!

  4. Amy says:

    Ahhhh I’m so happy I can make you laugh! Well the feeling is mutual!

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