We are celebrating Diwali tonight. I only first heard of Diwali four years ago when we moved to Canada.  And until today, we have never been invited to a Diwali celebration! Woot woot! Okay, seriously, I am very excited. As I had no idea what Diwali was, I needed to do my research before bringing sweets (ask and you shall receive, right?) to the celebration.


So do any of you know what it is, this Diwali celebration?  No worries, I say. Just google it OR I will summarize this celebration for you … no need to leave this gorgeous blog. Diwali is known as the ¨celebration of lights¨ and celebrates prosperity and the hope for more of it. You can never be too rich or too thin, right?  It is a celebration of the final harvest of the season. And it is,  from what I have been able to gleen from my Hindu friends who have a deeper understanding of Diwali than I, a celebration of the triumph of good over evil and light over dark.


Wanting to ¨fit right in” for the celebration, I jumped onto the internet just last night (no, I was not procrastinating, thank you very much) and did my research. As mentioned earlier, the hostess asked me to bring sweets. But what kind of sweets would be appropriate?

Having lived in the States where sweetness, when rated on a scale of one to ten, is enjoyed most at a nine or more, and in Germany where a note of four is at times too high, it seemed fitting that the goal of a six would be appropriate. ¨No problem, this one is in the bag,¨ I thought to myself. Then I found out that the sweets should be eggless. Uhm, what? Oh yes, Hindus are vegan. Well, Houston we now have a problem as: I don’t do eggless sweets. First of all, I don’t crave sweets but if there is a sweet with my name on it, you can bet that there is egg in it: Black Forest cake, cheesecake, crème brûlée.  Hello, I need dairy and egg for my sweets because if I am going to stuff them in my face, then they better be worth it!

So off I went, again, into the wonderful world of the internet, searching for ¨sweet eggless diwali.¨ Lo and behold I found two recipes within one click that looked more than edible.

The first recipe was for Snickerdoodles and I wanted so desperately to make the cookies but, alas, not all ingrediants were in my house. As I am lazy and it was late in the evening, I was not leaving the house to get the cream of tartar to make these Snickerdoodles . Admittedly, as I was making the other recipe,  I found some cream of tartar. Funny, right? Sometimes I can be rather much a ¨blind fish” as the hubby says. He is so romantic!


The second click sent me to the deliciousness that my husband later complained was so addicitve: Melting Moment cookies.

As the name implies, the cookies definitely melt in your mouth.  What I loved also, and what spoke to me about the recipe, was the need to use a piping bag with star attachment. Stay with me on this one.  I HAVE ONE – a piping bag. Well, it’s actually the Pampered Chef Easy Accent Decorator with the star attachment. Crazy, right? And it had never been used. This little Pampered Chef item my mom gave to me as a gift when we moved to Switzerland seven years ago had never been used.   Time to break out the icing decorator and use it for Diwali cookies!


So now we are off with my plate of gorgeous Melting Moments cookies which, by the way, are my new ¨go to¨ recipe for the Christmas holidays. They were amazingly simple and so mouth watering, I feel it is my duty as a mom of many cultures now to make them and make them often.


Happy Diwali, y’all!


  1. Amy

    Very nice Instagramy photos! Well done! Maybe they will be my Go To Christmas cookies too. Funny blog today. There’s still a smile on my face.:)

  2. Brigitte Fessele

    Better late than never, as they say, which goes for the Pampered Chef as well! And, seven is a perfect number even for years, so the timing was just right for this special way to break it in. Guten Appetit! Bon appétit! I may just bake those cookies for Christmas, too 🙂

  3. Mariska

    Fun to read this, we enjoyed a public holiday! on Wednesday here in Singapore thanks to Diwali. I took the boys to little India to shoot some photo’s and we looked at all the lights and celebrations and we bought some very sweet cookies and treats. Quite a colourful event!

  4. Every Day Adventures in Asia

    Haha! Amusing… As a Canadian living in India, was a rude awakening to realise how LOUD Diwali is here as it was always a fun, light and food filled festival with friends growing up. Hope you played cards, ate til you couldn’t have another bite and enjoyed!

    1. VintageFireflies

      What a great experience to live in India and experience Diwali firsthand. We did not play cards but we all had a few good laughs, lots of food and drink, and let the kids run around in the dark (on a schoolnight – pure joy). Then there were fireworks and the kids played with sparklers. It’s a school night so the kids really enjoyed it more than usual.

  5. Anusha

    I’m so sorry I complicated matters by mentioning the eggless bit. But it’s not too bad if it led you to discovering this wonderful cookie recipe 🙂 That picture you’ve posted of the Goddess of Wealth, Lakshmi, makes me so nostalgic. We had it in our house – as did my grandparents, and uncles and probably most South Indian families in those days.

    1. VintageFireflies

      Lol…you did not complicate it. I promise. I only needed to add “eggless” to my google search. And i as I mentioned, this is my new GTCC. There were a couple of people at the celebration last night and I was asked “what is in this cookie? It’s delicious!” And the answer is : cornmeal! I thank you for directing me in that direction! Muah!

  6. Joti

    Thank you so much in sharing our Diwali celebrations with us!! Of course the cookies were super yummy and we hopefully do not have to share them. Lol!!
    Diwali is a time for family and I feel truly blessed to have you and your family in our lives. You are family for us.
    Happy Diwali!!

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