The Universe is Making Me Sit Back – and Chill

Well, not the universe really. It’s actually a wasp sting that has taken me down. Two days ago I was out and about enjoying one of those amazing fall days here in Canada with brilliant blue skies and autumn leaves more golden and red than the days before.

Spectacular Fall Colour

I had already taken Miss Maizy for our morning walk, enjoyed a yoga class, done some laundry, prepared cookies for Diwali, made snacks for the kids to take to art and created my blog for the day. Time to the pop out for our afternoon walk! I needed to enjoy the warm sun on my skin with winter not far away.

The birds and bees (and wasps) were particularly excited  with the last rays of summer sun shining down on their little bodies. Walking down the street and I saw only a few buzzing around so I considered myself lucky. Other days the wasps can follow you around in groups of two or three. It was not until we were almost done with our long walk that it happened: a wasp landed on my thigh and stung me through my black yoga pants. Out flew the “f-bomb” … and then another … and a final third. No kids around – whew.

I grabbed Maizy and began walking the kilometre slowly home. I also remembered to breathe slowly – in and  out. Don’t freak out, I thought. A wasp had brushed by me two weeks earler in the same ravine but had only “kissed” my bum. The kiss was a wee red but with some antihistamine all was handled in short order. I figured this time would be the same and maybe I could even get away with just homeopathic and natural remedies. No onion on this bee sting today. Let’s try the hard stuff.

CT  CT food-prep-onion-soup001.jpg

Fast forward a half hour, I was feeling woozy (I love Benadryl personally) and I iced it for the evening. In the morning half of my leg was swollen, red and burning. OK, more Benadryl. I, however, did not put my feet up as I should have.  Instead I was out and about as usual enjoying a lovely day just with my husband and no kids. By late afternoon the reaction was increasing in size and reached the 3/4 takeover of my leg. By dinner it was clear that I needed to seek medical attention and so I went to my local walk-in clinic. I must admit, I am not a fan of walk-in clinics but as it was a Friday night, I had no option other than to visit.  I was pleasantly surprised with the service at the clinic and Dr. Nisreen could not have been more lovely. She and I chatted briefly about my embroidered top (it reminded her of home in far away Palestine) and we talked about the joy of seeing things in faraway lands from our place of birth.  We chatted about her time living in New Orleans and her years spend in Halle, Germany. The world is small and it is wonderful when even in some of the most unexpected moments you can find the connection with anyone.

small world

Dr. Nisreen prescribed antibiotics (as wasps forage in garbage bins, they can carry bacteria in the stinger) and some prednisone. She also prescribed, as I had feared, rest with ice on the affected area for the next 24 to 48 hours. I would need to keep taking my Benadryl.

So I have resigned myself to resting today. And reading …



  1. janejpark

    I sometimes wonder what I would do if the kids or I got a wasp sting. BTW, I read that Elizabeth Gilbert book this year. I mostly enjoyed it, but I felt that it was too long. Peril of a successful, published author. Less editing!

  2. Brigitte Fessele

    My heart goes completely out to you; I do know how it feels 😦 About twelve years ago, I was in the yard, and out of nowhere, a yellow jacket stung me in the chest. The pain was incredible. I had never been stung before (lucky for me!), and what immediately came back to me was the moment you were stung on your heel when you were very little, perhaps three years old. You were crying your heart out, and I picked you up immediately, hugged you and comforted you as much as anyone could, and did whatever needed to be done to minimize your pain. I was certainly, as a mom, as sympathetic as anyone could be. But only all these years later, I discovered just how much that must have hurt you. Only now, after personally experiencing this same pain, was I able to go beyond being sympathetic to feeling true empathy, and I thought about my little, hurting girl…

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