Free at last! Free at last! Thank God almighty, I am free at last!

The cast has been REMOVED!


Four weeks and many (far too many to count) sleepless nights later, we have been freed from the lime green fiberglass cast that has been attached to my daughter’s arm.  I must admit, seeing her arm having atrophied just a wee bit, made me realize how really lucky we are. The break to her wrist was a clean one and required only a short amount of time in the cast. Another little girl who we met the first time at the fracture clinic actually broke her wrist on the same day as my daughter. Both girls were also playing soccer (what are the chances of that happening I ask) and both broke their dominant wrist. The difference is that the other little girl had her cast removed today and a new one put on again. They expect another three weeks at least in the cast. Why will she be in the cast for almost double the time my daughter was? Because her break was more complicated and that means more time not doing the things that she loves.  I felt for that little girl.


We, however, are lucky. There will be a followup in three weeks at the local physiotherapist but the doctor was encouraged about how my daughter healed. Three more weeks of no sports or horseback riding (the worst part of this entire ordeal) but we can handle that. The last four weeks blew by and now, at least, there is no more pain.



  1. Brigitte Fessele

    OMG – what wonderful, wonderful news 🙂 I’m so happy for her, of course, but also for the rest of the family who felt the pain with her. We’ll be counting the days now until horseback riding will be a weekly delight again!

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