The Piece of Peace I was Looking for

Today I have taken the time, having listened to the weather reports, to walk with a friend before the Arctic winds start to blow here in southern Ontario.
Ideally I enjoy getting up early in the morning, making a coffee, checking the news, working a spell  and then waking the kids up.  This is followed by getting them off to school. After dropping them off, it’s back to work for me and lunchtime is a snack in the car on the way to yoga or the gym.


But today I am mixin’ it up! I am goin’ crazy … wait for it … I am walking the dog BEFORE work begins.

Trust me, this sounds minor for many of you but for me, whoooooooo, I am out of my element.

The weather reports, however, made me certain that I needed to enjoy a nice long walk in the early morning. It was a gorgeous 5C (41F) this morning when I dropped off the kids at school and drove to a local park with ravines and creek. For a November day, 5c with no wind is balmy. No winter jackets needed here!

Despite my knowing it would be lovely this morning, I did not expect for it to be as gorgeous as it was and I definitely was not the only one with the idea to enjoy this last day of fall. The park was filled with walkers, dogs, dog walkers (that is a different breed of person, you know), joggers, runners and bikers. It seems everyone heard that tonight a cold front is coming through and a wind chill of -4c (24F) is expected for tomorrow. It’s quite a difference from the 17,5c (hello summer with 65F) I enjoyed in the sun today.


I suppose all of these years living in countries where winter comes in like a lion and does not leave for months has left me with the need to enjoy gorgeous weather when it’s here. There is no procrastinating for me, especially this late in the autumn season.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a bitterly cold winter day – with or without snow. However, give me gorgeous fall or spring say with low humidity and leaves (colourful or green) on the trees and I am a happy, happy girl.



  1. Brigitte Fessele

    There is a time and a place for everything, and right now, it’s enjoying the great outdoors whenever possible. I’m so glad you made yourself take the opportunity for it despite all the things that keep you busy all day long. And by the way, in a couple of days, this cold front will find its way to the “sunny south”, and overnight temperatures will drop below freezing. It is, after all, November 🙂

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