It’s That Time of Year Again

fdc09afa185f1e4afcd7e3409636af75How, in heaven’s name, is Christmas almost upon us?

And before Christmas there is . . . wait . . .  there are a bazillion other festivities to celebrate in December.

Seriously, it seems like just last year that I was freaking out about the ‘Advent Calendar’ and what to put into it, not to mention what Nikolaus would bring to the kids on December 6 if they, in fact, have been good all year. I also had to think about the Christkind on the 24th and then Santa on the 25th.

What, you ask, is this ‘Advent Calendar’ you speak of? And this ¨Nikolaus¨, he visits on the 25th of December and not on the 6th, right?  No, I have not been imbibing in the Thanksgiving festivities too much with the wine and turkey making me drunk.  In fact, dear reader, I am not talking about St. Nick. But more to that later.


So, in case I had not mentioned it before, we are a wee bit German.  The husband is German, my folks are German, and the kiddos are German (and American).  We celebrate the holidays with a sort of hodge-podge of family traditions that we have picked up in our four countries of residence over the years.  Certainly the traditions with that Germanic touch everyone knows and loves so well dominate our festivities.  And this year there is no All-American Santa Claus coming to this house. No sir, we have the Christkind (Christchild) coming on the 24th while we are out searching for the candy that the Christkind will drop along the way while delivering gifts for the children. No Santa for this chica in 2014.


For all of you out there who say: “But you need to leave the house for the Christchild to visit and that can only be accomplished with a trip to midnight mass I say ‘phooey’.”  I am aware that the Christchild normally comes only if the family is off at church. But not OUR Christchild!  We only need to take a nice, long walk while my husband stays behind for a few minutes to clean up the dinner plates and then catches up to us and finding some yummy candy in the bushes and trees.  My man sure can run alot faster than moi!  Yes . . . he had placed the candy there earlier in the evening while walking the dog. We have this thing sorted out nicely I think.


So back to this ‘Advent Calendar’ thing. A little backstory: over the years we have tried, as a family, to make then holidays something simple. We have been more successful some years and less successful other years.  The Lego StarWars Advent Calendars were a hit but not what I would deem successful when looking at ‘keeping things simple’.


This year, however, I think that we have done a great job.   Fun begins for us on December the 1st with our ‘Advent Calendar’.  I needed to come up with over three weeks (24 days) of small little things for the kids.  I was uncertain what to do but the answer came on my Facebook feed with the best idea ever: Christmas jokes from So along with two candies there will also be one (maybe two if I am feeling generous and my printer is working)  joke for each day. And the bonus? The kids will start the day off with a laugh!


Now to December 6 and Nikolaus. Nikolaus will visit us at night and only after everyone in the family has placed the slippers in the hallway next to the bedroom doors.  Nikolaus will leave everyone a little Marzipan Gluecksschwein (almond paste molded into a lucky pig), two clementines, and a little switch to remind everyone that they still need to be good before Christmas.


And then we have two more weeks until … drumroll please … our dear Christchild comes to visit us.  I will not be writing what the kiddos or hubby are getting but interestingly enough I know what I am getting …


the gymbag I have been dreaming of all year long: Lululemon Gym to Win bag.

It pays to know the Christkind personally not to mention to do all of the shopping!



  1. Brigitte Fessele

    What a fabulous idea to fill the Advent Calendar not only with candy but with kiddy Christmas jokes that will last way longer than the candy! I actually read those jokes and found them funny myself! I guess my heart and my mind are younger than my real age, which may just be a good thing 🙂

  2. VintageFireflies

    And as to the Advent calendars being a thing or not, after 15 years away I can not say but my feeling is that, similar to Canada, some people use them and others do not. We grew up with them at home but at that time (at least when I was really young) I think my Oma and Opa mailed the calendars with simple chocolates in them. It’s funny because I see the calendars here, especially at the German grocery store (Denningers) but I have also seen the ones with chocolates at Costco.
    And many thanks on the gym bag…pretty swanky, eh? 🙂

  3. Mariska

    Excellent summary! In our case I can add a birthday event and that makes December a crazy, busy but fun month. Aaah the pro and cons of being an international family! Enjoy all the festivities!!

      1. Mariska

        the next real local celebration is Chinese New Year I believe, but basically everything is celebrated in Singapore as it is so multiculti. Party town! 😉

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