Nikolaus war Da!

Yes, here I am feeling a bit Deutsch early this morning as Nikolaus came by the house at midnight last night.IMG_4731.JPG
The kids were responsible for cleaning up their shoes last night and did a fantastic job with the help of our babysitter and friend, Rosa.

The man and I were our last night at his company Holiday dinner and I must admit, it was quite the night for me. Why, you ask, why is going to a company Office party (which oftentimes people dread) so exciting? Because our daughter has been sick for a whole week and I had not changed out of my Lululemon mom-semble all friggin’ week.
So off I went as soon as dear Rosa came and left her in charge of the ill one and the non-ill very energetic one. And this on the night before Nikolaus comes.

So I felt much like Nikolaus when I came home and found our Bogs – shined as much as those little hands can shine shoes these days – lined up outside of the bedroom doors. What killed me is that each shoe had a stuffie next to it: little man – bat, little girl – duck, big girl – opossum, and big boy – honey badger.

So Nikolaus (finding this too funny) gathered the best chocolate and marzipan pigs for everyone. And then, in all of Nikolaus’ wisdom found the Manuel Neuer’s goalie gloves for the boy and me colouring pencils for the girl. And for Mom and Dad? We were lucky enough to hear the joy in the kids’ voices as they opened the gifts and made their way to our bed, snuggling in and telling us what all Nikolaus had brought everyone.



  1. Brigitte Fessele

    I’m sure those kiddie shoes were never as clean and shiny as they were in preparation for Sankt Nikolaus’ much anticipated visit, nor will they be – until next year 🙂 And Sankt Nikolaus did not disappoint them! Happiness is… And when the kids are happy, Mama and Papa are happy, too 🙂

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