Ok, it’s Heaven … and This Time I Mean It

Sierpe, a tiny little village on the edge of the Rio Sierpe, as it’s know to the locals.

The boat was ready to leave at 11, but as we are now so very “pura vida”, we were ourselves running “late”. Parking the car, we met Isaac, the driver of our water taxi, as well the coconut water man (see photo).
On the boat with Isaac and nine other guests, we left on the hour long journey down the estuary to “Las Caletas”, our heaven on earth for the next days.
The wind was flying through our hair as we twisted down the Rio Sierpe, through the mangroves (Terraba Sierpe), spying crabs and snails on the roots of gorgeous trees.

After an hour, we landed on the beach of “Las Caletas” near Agujitas.

The landing was as exciting as it can be with our driver watching the waves with suspicion and a handful of staff from “Las Caletas” on shore waiting to assist with our disembarking. Ten minutes later we were on shore and a wee bit damper than when we left Sierpe. Our driver had done what he had come to do: get the boat onshore without hurting his boat, himself, or, most importantly, his precious cargo – the passengers.

We were greeted warmly by David, the owner of “Las Celatas”, as well as the staff, on shore. They led us to our rooms and taking our luggage (a la Sherpa) up the pathway.
What waited us at the top was unexpected and amazing and breathtaking:

And after an amazing dinner, I found it more than apropos to see fireflies as I enjoyed a lovely glass of Chardonnay . . .

Yes, we will be back. This is heaven.


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