Travelling with Kids

Over the last 10 years, I have travelled quite bit with my kids. In the beginning the advice that I received was spotty at best. I would google “travelling with kids” and various suggestions would pop up as well as the usual suspects: games, snacks and smiles for those around us.
As we are about to head back home from Costa Rica, I found the article from Quartz amazingly spot on. Nowhere in the article are their references to making gifts for those seated around you or having a gift an hour for the little one to unwrap (I admit, I did that once and -ugh- what a massive fail).
The article is simple and suggests what every parent should do to make the flight easier.
I would only add: bring a pillow (the child’s own), a pillow case, and a small, thin blanket on board with you. Why? Everyone will feel cozier and more comfortable (and it smells like home).
“Guide to Flying with Kids”
Bon Voyage!

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  1. Joy says:

    Travel with or without kids – it’s all about preparation!

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