Gettin’ More ‘Waldorfy’

This new year brought on more commitment from me in a few areas.

1. Spend less money on frivolous things. Please note that frivolous things (at least in my book) do not include my nails or hair.

2. Commit to being more tuned in to the rhythm of my family and the seasons.

3. Slow down in everything from cooking, eating and sports to art projects.

4. Try new things.

So far, so good.


She is my newest creation, a fairy of fire and light. My daughter made a wool felt fairy for a friend of hers and I knew if my daughter could create one, then certainly I should try. It was an incredibly organic process for me and, simultaneously, cathartic. Years ago I would see these fairies and ‘poo poo’ them.  but somehow it now seems appropriate to make them.

Over time I have learned to appreciate the softer things in life and the making of the fairy is an example of this.  Our “Fire Fairy” is perfect above our fireplace and next to the beeswax candle my husband and daughter made together years ago.

She will stay there and help us celebrate Candlemas, a wonderful new celebration that I have just begun to learn about through Waldorf.

2015 is beginning on a beautiful note.


  1. Brigitte Fessele

    The “Waldorfy” thing is surely not just for kids 🙂 And I love this beautiful fairy of fire and light, which, in a roundabout way, also made me aware of Candlemas, of which I had never heard before. Learning something new all the time 🙂

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