A Very Sad Day …

This was the place where I came to get a bit of home (where ever home is) and without getting into the subject in too much detail without my coffee, the fact that Target chose to give this only two years makes me sad and disappointed.
I am at the Target and heard it from customer. The staff had no Ida about the closure.
Everyone is in shock.
Rome was not built in a day but apparently Target needed to be.



  1. Brigitte Fessele

    That is incredible! So true, Rome was surely not built in a day, but patience and endurance certainly did pay off, as we know even all these many centuries later. It’s not enough to just look at today. No, we must give tomorrow a chance and do whatever we can to keep things going or to make them even better as time goes by! But sadly, patience is not a cultural forte 😦

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