File This Under #WTH

Calorie free peanut butter spread.

Yes, think about it: zero calorie peanut butter spread.
Peanuts and zero calories do not belong in the same sentence much less the same jar.
Yes, I am being judgy. I need to work on that but really?

I read the nutrition information. Sure enough: zero calories.
Okay, I had to know: what the hell is in the zero calorie peanut butter spread.

There it is after five (5!) other ingredients: natural roasted peanut flavour. Good thing it’s not fake peanut butter flavour that tastes like bananas or garlic, right?
I passed on purchasing the little jar o’ goodness and bought, instead, some calorie ridden peanut butter with, you guessed it: peanuts . . . only peanuts.


  1. Brigitte Fessele

    OMG! It reminded me of my own experience some time ago when I saw some enticing mango snacks on the way out of a store, actually Marshalls. The name on the little box was mango-something. So what else could it contain but, essentially, mangos, which I absolutely love. For whatever reason, I actually checked out the ingredients: NO MANGOS 😦 So I did exactly what you did. I put that little box back up onto the shelf. Let someone else eat that fake stuff…

  2. Heather Grace

    Wow…non-food that we should get excited about. What will it do to us in end? Let’s do get judgy….it’s time. Love your insights. You are awesome!

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