File This Under #WTH

Calorie free peanut butter spread.

Yes, think about it: zero calorie peanut butter spread.
Peanuts and zero calories do not belong in the same sentence much less the same jar.
Yes, I am being judgy. I need to work on that but really?

I read the nutrition information. Sure enough: zero calories.
Okay, I had to know: what the hell is in the zero calorie peanut butter spread.

There it is after five (5!) other ingredients: natural roasted peanut flavour. Good thing it’s not fake peanut butter flavour that tastes like bananas or garlic, right?
I passed on purchasing the little jar o’ goodness and bought, instead, some calorie ridden peanut butter with, you guessed it: peanuts . . . only peanuts.

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  1. Brigitte Fessele says:

    OMG! It reminded me of my own experience some time ago when I saw some enticing mango snacks on the way out of a store, actually Marshalls. The name on the little box was mango-something. So what else could it contain but, essentially, mangos, which I absolutely love. For whatever reason, I actually checked out the ingredients: NO MANGOS 😦 So I did exactly what you did. I put that little box back up onto the shelf. Let someone else eat that fake stuff…

    1. It is amazing what crap is on the shelves and if you are not an educated consumer the you can forget it. Shame it is really.

  2. Heather Grace says:

    Wow…non-food that we should get excited about. What will it do to us in end? Let’s do get judgy….it’s time. Love your insights. You are awesome!

    1. OK, I’ll be judgy 🙂 With some of this stuff, it’s impossible not to be.

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