What a Winter Wonderland

Snowy walk at night when we arrived in Ottawa. Parliament Hill (or as the kids say: Hogwarts). The Centennial Flame commemorating the 100th Anniversary of Canada as a Confederation. The Centennial Flame was first lit on January 1, 1967. Tickets to see the Parliament Buildings . . . from the inside. The House of Commons. The Senate….

Ravioli…Schwabian Style

A real taste of home on a chilly weekend:                 Every great culture has ravioli – the Schwabian culture is no different. Known as Maultaschen, these little pockets of gold are one of the things that we miss most from living in Stuttgart. Until a year ago, Denningers…

Simplicity Valentine’s Day

Sometimes it can be referred to as simplicity or minimalist but I like to refer to it as lazy: the lazy gal’s guide to easy gifts. Chocolate covered mandarins and chocolate covered strawberries. What is there not to love? I mean, it is Valentine’s Day!

The Road Less Travelled

It’s good to see where you came from: and to see where you are going: “Not all those who wander are lost.” J.R.R. Tolkien

Snow Day … and Groundhog Day!

Joyful Monday! It’s a (albeit unexpected) snow day here and we are thrilled. So before the day really begins, because it is Groundhog Day, we needed to watch Wiarton Willy. Wiarton Willy is Canada’s answer to Punxatawny Phil. And the verdict from the albino groundhog? … an early Spring!