This month with spring on its way (I hope) to the Great White North of Canada, I decided it was time to kickstart my writing again with NaBloPoMo and its April prompts to “GROW.”

So every day (save for the weekends) I will be posting a little new post based on the prompts.

Today’s prompt: How do you make a friendship grow?

Lordy, that is quite the heavy one, isn’t it?

Friendship for everyone is different. Even my best friends have a different idea of what friendship is than I have.

For me, friendship is extremely complicated and simultaneously simple.

Friendship makes me feel good, confirms who I am as a person, and makes me grow into a better human being. It accepts me for who I am while challenging me to do better and more.

Merriam-Webster defines friend very simply:

friend: noun \’frend\ A person who you like being with

Now that we know what friendship is (thanks Merriam-Webster!), how do we make it grow? With time and love. That is how you make friendship grow deep and strong.

For me, it means connecting with my friend.  The connection can be in person over coffee or dinner, over the phone, Skype, and even What’sApping (is that a word?). The connection can take place once a day, every other week, or even once a year.

I have friends from different parts of my life: growing up in Atlanta, studying in Washington, D.C., working in Atlanta, living and working in Germany, raising kids in Switzerland, and now doing the same in Canada. And within those friendships that I have some of the friend I connect with more often than others. But I know that those people are around.  The Christmas cards are still sent, there are texts with recipes, phone calls late at night, and trips away for weekends of laughter. Two friends can fold laundry on different continents simultaneously and still laugh about the same things as though we were in the same house thanks to Skype.

The garden of friendship must be cultivated to make it bloom and different friendships (like flowers and plants) have different requirements.  I am lucky to have such a beautiful garden with so many different friends.

Friendship Growing

NaBloPoMo April 2015


  1. Brigitte Fessele

    Yes, friendship is eclectic, so very dependent upon the person with whom we are able to enjoy this special relationship, and no two are alike. But that’s what makes each friendship special and worthwhile nurturing 🙂

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