The Joy of Slow Travel

It’s a gift to have the opportunity to travel. But although you can travel you might not see what is in front of, or behind you because you have not slowed down.

Granted, not everyone wants to slow down. But with slowing down comes a reconnection with oneself and one’s surroundings.

Jetlag and no plans allowed me to jog early one morning as things were still quiet along the oceanfront path. The skies were blue and the waves melodic, birds were searching  for food with their chicks. There were flowers in every direction I looked and little Green Anoles zipped between leaves trying to garner the attention of the females. Love was in the air.


Following my run, I sat down on the volcanic rock, listening to the waves crash into little pools. As I looked into the grass, something moved ever so slowly. Watching it silently I squinted and something else moved (again) ever so slowly. And then I saw what it was: a Giant African Snail. 


 I sat silently in the grass watching at first the two snails I had seen and with the silence I began to see more. First I saw one under a rock to the left, then another behind a leaf, and another two I spotted in the grass edging the beach. 

I slowed myself down. Slow like a snail.


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