Krispy Kreme

We landed in Maui and drove to the hotel. Along the way, I realized that we are in a paradise that is unlike any other I had been to before: it is part of America. I fancy myself well-travelled and certainly more so than I could have ever imagined when I was growing up.


That said, reading “Travel & Leisure”  I know I have lots more travelling to do. I’ve been to islands in the Caribbean like St. Lucia and Martinique. I’ve seen Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. The coasts of Italy and France have been on my agenda including Sardinia. Costa Rica and Mexico have been amazing places to visit. Each and every one of those places has been a joy to visit with its cultures and languages to discover anew.

And that is what I have loved most about travel: new languages, lands, and cultures to discover. 

But I shocked myself with my feeling of a “coming home” to this Hawaiian land. This paradise is everything I know and am comfortable with: friendly people, a language I know and look what I found, just outside of the airport:


A Krispy Kreme! Yes, it really is like a home away from home.

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  1. joy says:

    We’re on the same page! I loved what you had to say.

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