End of the Season

For my daughter and I, we have a tradition going back a couple of years now to enjoy a day in Toronto alone and without the boys. Beyond visiting the National Ballet in Toronto for The Nutcracker we have begun to enjoy our newly acquired Season Tickets.

School was out this past week and so it seemed fitting that our Season Tickets for 2014/15 also would come to and end.


Starting off the day as we always do we headed downtown for Brunch at Bannock with its eclectic menu. I, of course, enjoyed its avant garde Eggs Benedict.

Unintentionally my daughter and I also went into town matching one another although without intent. Green dresses seem to be all the rage this season in our house and God knows we love anything from Anthropologie.

The National Ballet of Canada put on a wonderful show yet again with The Sleeping Beauty.

And we look very much forward to our tickets next year.

And now we will enjoy the end of the school season, the ballet season, and focus now on our summer fun.


  1. joy

    Another great blog and more fantastic photos. I love the one looking down on the crowd. Enjoy summer! Already off to a good start.

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