I swear to you, I have to psych myself up at least a couple of days before I venture to Costco. I hate that place with a bloody passion and yet I continue to go there. Granted, I only go every six to eight weeks but it still gets under my skin. “Why?” you ask with that look as is I said something blasphemous. “Everyone loves Costco,” you say.

I would reply simply with: “Have you ever seen the lineup for the prepackaged chicken gyros to finish grilling in the meat aisle during lunchtime?”


Monday.  High noon. We had at least 18 people lined up. 18. 18 people. And yes, my child was one of them. 

The checkout lines are crazy, the parking lot full, and people are generally unable to control their buggies (not to mention their children) in the aisles. 

And I have to pay a membership fee in order to shop there. 

A friend of mine was so eloquent when telling me of her recent experience: “Oh my God. It turns my cells angry. And my eyes get red and I become lethargic and confused! Ha!”

Oh how I get her.

But then this is why I battle myself to shop there:


Wakame salad…just like at my son’s favourite sushi restaurant.


Pineapple from Costa Rica and it’s called “Happy Chameleon” which makes me happy.


Hello, organic ground beef…tasty and affordable!


Lemonade sweetened with maple water…so dang delicious.


And jalapeño lime aoili for when I need a little kick for the tsunami fries. Who can’t use jalapeño lime aoili, and I a double pack? Genius.

So that’s why I battle that crazy Costco.  It’s because of the fun food I can’t find elsewhere.



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