Put a Lid on It!

I do not understand the world sometimes. Wait. Cancel that. 

I don’t understand the world rather often.

Apparently paying $5 for a bottle of water at a FIFA Qualifier for the 2016 World Cup in Sochi gets you a bottle of water…but see if you can figure out what it does NOT come with:


Yes! It does not come with a bottle top. Makes no damn sense to me either. The only thing I can figure is its the opportunity to sell more bottles as there are no cup holders for drinks and bottles get spilled. Hello sales uptick!


So guess who will be packing bottle caps from now on when we go to events? 

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  1. Marianne says:

    I came across exactly the same thing at the Pharrell concert in Stuttgart last autumn. Literally had a stand-up row with the girl at the counter, trying to get her to let me have the lid that I’d PAID for lol! I seriously could not understand that policy! Did they want people to spill water all over each other during the concert?! Anyway, I waited until her back was turned, and swiped MY LID from the counter top (I wasn’t going to be beaten!)!

    1. You go girl! I will be collecting lids and bring them with and hoping against all hope I don’t get busted at security for bringing them in. As I write this I think “Wow, is this what 40 looks like? I am planning on smuggling lids into a concert.”

      1. MarianneR says:

        LOL! (wasn’t notified of your reply, despite the fact that I always tick that little box). Great that you’re on FB now! x

  2. Michelle says:

    Great pics as usual! Same thing in Madrid – we were told that it was because people throw the caps on the fields, so they banned them. Crazy soccer fans.

    1. Really? Someone must have a pretty mean throw to whoop a cap that far. I am sticking with my theory that it is a boondoggle. Let’s go to a game together and sneak in caps!

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