Inside Out …


Yes! We saw it and it was everything you’ve heard and more.

It was our first full week off of school and seemed only fitting to celebrate our first week together with a movie. And lucky us, Inside Out was released today.

We packed up the car and enjoyed our lunch of butter popcorn (real butter) at our favourite theatre,, watching the best movie I’ve seen in ages.

The kids did not feel as strongly about the story as I did of course, they are too young.  But I felt the joy and sadness in the film, not to mention anger, disgust, and fear. I identified with dear Riley as she moved from the Midwest to San Francisco. I could only think of our moves and it made me so sad to see it from a child’s perspective. 

I cried … and laughed … and cried again … and finished the film with the most wonderful sense of joy because without the sadness there can be no joy.


So run. Run to see this with your family and friends especially with your tween, just make sure she wants to be seen with you. And bring your tissue.


  1. Katy Griggs

    Just saw it! OMG, you are right — ran the gamut of emotions while watching the movie. It’s brilliant! And it really hits home for a mom of a coming-of-age child. I wanted to dive right in and save all of those wonderful memories that shaped Riley. Feeling the same way about my own child.

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