Charleston and the Confederate Flag

Last week, a racist terrorist took the lives of nine people inside of Charleston’s historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church.

I have tried to capture how I felt about the Confederate flag being flown in South Carolina but think my friend Melissa Wilson said it best:

“I’ve always wondered why people are so proud of the confederate flag. It’s not only a symbol of ‘heritage’ – a culture sustained by enslaving black people – it is, for you proud and patriotic friends, a symbol of rebellion against our very country. When I hear ‘heritage not hate,’ I want to scream. It is worse than hate, it is complete indifference and arrogance. I’m glad it’s a time you can reflect upon with a nostalgic, honeysuckle and magnolia infused mist in your eye. Yes, it was gloriously beautiful…for some. Meanwhile, black people were being unspeakably abused, their families were ripped apart without a second thought, and their lives were accepted as disposable. The mentality behind what happened at that church in Charleston is exactly that. Are we still going to respond with indifference and arrogance?
I love the South Carolina state motto.
Dum Spiro Spero
While I Breath, I Hope
I remain ever optimistic that things will get better, one kindness at a time.
While I Breathe, I Hope”

Thank you, Melissa, as I think we can all breathe and hope now that the flag will be taken down soon. The old and new wounds will be healed, gun laws tightened, and most importantly: kindness expressed between people of all colours and races.

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  1. Brigitte Fessele says:

    How many more mass shootings, whether at a church, a movie theater, a college, a school, is it going to take before stricter gun laws and more effective background checks are put into place? How many completely innocent victims will it take before the culture of violence in this country will change, at least over time?

    1. Alas, I fear it will be a very, very long time.

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