Cottaging Traditions: Webers on Hwy. 11

One of the best things of being foreign is to have local friends showing you the ropes (or burgers in this case).

On the way to Cottage Country at the beginning of summer break, my friends Candace and Michelle (knowing that I love food and new experiences a whole heck of a lot) told us that we would need to stop on the way up North and get lunch in Orillia. Okay, sounds good to me.

So an hour north of Toronto on Highway 11 (the main route heading up to Muskoka and beyond) there is Webers.  Rumour has it, they have the  best burgers in the GTA – we’ll find out.

Beautifully colourful Muskoka chairs . . . take a seat.
Simple menu . . . who needs complicated?
All of the fixings . . . who needs more?
Burgers made fresh . . . tasty!


Lunch in the railroad car . . .


The burgers were amazing as well as the poutine (poutine being also one of the ‘go to’ items on a menu along with Caesar Salad and French Onion soup).

Since Webers opened in 1963, its become a traditional stopping point for those cottage goers heading to and from Muskoka and I can certainly see why. With a quirky yet nostalgic atmosphere combines with a simple but delicious menu not to mention plenty of green space for the little ones to get their wiggles out, Webers is a natural rest stop.

And the bonus? A store with Webers branded merchandise as well as the iconic Canadian brand: Roots. I sometimes still forget, even after almost five years, that this is CANADA, which means it can be cold even in June, or July for that matter.  You never know when you need an extra sweatshirt. Thank goodness for the popup store. Buying a sumptuously warm sweatshirt saved my tush from being chilly and Webers saved our bellies from being hungry.

Yes, I love Canada.


  1. Lily

    Love this. I always remember the 400 North exit with the tipping truck sign. Back then, in the back of my parents car, that sign landmarked that you were out of the city and well on your way to the great North! Now it is quite a ways til you leave the big smoke!

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