Canada is awesome and amazing and I love calling it home. And now I add Tim Horton’s to the list of all things awesome and amazing.  

“What?” you say. “But you really don’t like Tim Horton’s. Why now? Why is Timmies so great?”

Well, it’s not the coffee.

It’s not the timbits.

It’s not even the breakfast sandwiches.


Thank you,Timmies, for the Eh-moji!

How do I get started, you ask? Easy…

  1. Find the app and download it (hello, it’s free)


2. App is downloaded so the next step is to “TEXT LIKE A CANADIAN” (not to be confused with “Walking Like an Egyptian.”  If you are so inclined, you can even “TEXTEZ COMME UN CANADIAN” … oui.

3. Watch the video which and download the new keyboard.

4. Reply to your Canadian friends as a true Canadian. It’s almost as good as becoming a citizen.

And it’s that easy. You are now texting like a Canadian just in time for Canada Day (July 1 for all y’all who don’t know that). It’s available on iOS and Android, too. Pretty cool, eh?

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