Friends with Benefits: The Over 40 Suburban Mom during Summer Break Edition

Growing up in the South I thought it was really odd that my cold weather cousins (in Jersey no less) would have a pool. Seriously, they have lots of snow so why would they need a pool. Ah, the genius thoughts of a 6 year old. The thought of people even farther north (like Maine or Canada) having pools again made me question reality.  I mean, how would they, with snow most of the year and polar bears as neighbours, need a pool.

I still thought it off, as I moved to Toronto almost five years ago, that there were so many pools up here. The season to swim would be, what, about a month at best?

Hahahahaha, I get it now. On a breezy summer day and after seven weeks of a very long 13 1/2 week summer break, there is nothing better than dipping into a refreshing pool.

Seriously, look at this and tell me this isn’t fantastic?

Thank goodness for the suburban mama version of “Friends with Benefits” … another mama with a pool.  And for our next house? We need a pool.



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