A Good Laugh

Growing up in a family of German speakers it was funny to hear the phrases my grandmother would throw out in frustration at people. I would translate the phrases in my head and laugh because the direct translation was often so ridiculous.


LOL…Verbesser Dein Englisch
Du Knalltüte
Mein Englisch ist nicht das Gelbe von Ei, aber es geht
Ich drücke Dir die Daumen (good luck to you)
Friede, Freude, Eierkuchen

Wandering through Stuttgart I stumbled upon these amazing postcards. 

And I thought of my grandmother and laughed. Alas, I did not find her favourite saying which she said to me all the time: “Du bist ein alte Sauigel” which translates literally to “You’re an old Pig Hedgehog.” Ah, I miss grandma.

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  1. H. Rainer Fessele says:

    Thanks for the memory of Grandma and the translated words  of German wisdom.
    Am very happy that you were able to come back to  in Esslingen and the beautiful “Schwaobalaendle”!

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