We are loving our trip back to the ‘Alte Heimat’ and in order to keep up with our trip down memory lane, we needed to visit the Deutsches Museum in Münich. 

Of all the exhibits, the current special exhibit ‘Welcome to the Anthropocene’ was by far the entire family’s favorite.


The exhibit allowed us as a family the opportunity to discuss technology and human nature as well as the pros and cons of man’s need to alter its environment – sometimes for good, other times not.

 The exhibit runs through the end of January 2016 and is on my ‘must see and do’ list this year. 

The Deutsches Museum itself is large but not overrun with visitors. With exhibits ranging from paper making and glass blowing to watching how electricity works (with a high voltage electrical demonstration that includes the Faraday cage), there really is something for everyone.  Add in a dinner at the local beergarden and a weekend getaway with the kids is done.



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