Fire Table

I love literal translations as you remember from my post ‘A Good Laugh.’


Village groupies and their idol
We’ve been enjoying our life at a wonderful penthouse apartment in the village centre of Zussdorf, Germany experiencing the Landleben (land life). 


Bräuhaus fresh mixed greens with chanterelles
As we’ve already enjoyed a most amazing meal at the restaurant across the street (Bräuhaus Zussdorf), last night we had dinner at home.
Bräuhaus Zussdorf

Last night was no exception with an evening spent outside of our home away from home.  We were eating and chatting at the Grilltisch (grill table)  – or Feuertisch (fire table) as the kids call it.  

Grilltisch from Stephan Schmidt

We roasted sausages for dinner and enjoyed freshly roasted s’mores for National S’mores Day. The fire on the table kept us warm as the night got chillier.

The table was made locally by Stephan Schmidt and heavens do I wish I could bring a Grilltisch home in my suitcase. However, I think it might be a bit too big.

Ah, I love the country life.

It’s a real life version of Green Acres.

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