Christmas Market on the First Day of Advent

   The tree, the maple syrup, Santa’s clothes ready for his big day, the Christmas tree, and the perfect ambiance at the Distillery District’s Christmas Market in Toronto. Have a beautiful first day of Advent!

The Circus is in Town

   Little creatures enjoying their own circus under a little big tent. Toronto, ON, Canada

A Joyful Start

   It’s a joyful time of year. With the Christmas Season fast approaching I’ve been inspired to continue with my photography but also with a new endeavour: card design. I hope you enjoy my designs as much as I do. Come visit my new artistic space … I hope my creations spark joy like fireflies…


A different type of door today. Maybe one for a mouse, or a fairy, or a troll or even some other mythical, magical creature from the lands outside of Reykjavik.   

Snuggling in for Winter

   Even the flowers huddle together somehow knowing that it’s getting very cold and snowy this weekend.