Beautiful Birdhouses

Birdhouses bring me utter joy! For years I have been passing by this house in Burlington’s Orchard) with a gorgeous porch, white picket fence, and some days loads and loads of colourful birdhouses.

Today I finally stopped by and bought not one but two amazing birdhouses and the story behind them is even more impressive.

Connor has been making birdhouses for recycled and donated wood with his dad since he was little.  At 10 years of age he has sold over 1700 birdhouses with the proceeds going to the Joseph Brant Hospital in Burlington, ON, Canada.

Check out his Instagram and Facebook (thebirdhousefoundation) pages, to get your own birdhouse, bat house, or insect hotel.

Today (Friday, April 22, 2016) he is selling the birdhouses on site so you can connect directly with Connor and his dad and hear about the amazing things they have done and are planning to do with their creations.

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