About me …

I am a designer of beautiful cards that are designed with one purpose in mind: to make the recipient joyful.  I’ve done it all (writer, editor, photo blogger) but have found my true passion making these little bits of joy for you.

An avid traveller as well as wife, mother, daughter, and friend,  I am “livin’ the dream”  as an American expat near Toronto, Canada.

I still enjoy sipping a cold lemonade on a warm summer night and become giddy when I find fireflies in the woods.

It has been quite the adventure with my husband and our two children in four countries over 15 years.

We’ve added to our insanity over these last six years in Canada so that our home now includes Maizy (our golden retriever), two cats (Maple Lea and Winter Belle), one hermit crab, and Buddha (the goldfish).

Yes, we are livin’ the dream.

I would love to hear from you.

¨surround yourself with positive people¨



  1. Lisa Ortega

    Good to see your blog! Great stuff cousin – hope we can meet up in person again soon in California, Toronto or somewhere in this big world – xoxo

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