Are You Ready?

It’s almost here!  2017 is just around the corner …


Lake Ontario in Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Little Umbrellas

I can almost imagine a parade of fairies marching through the woods in a springtime parade with these beautiful flowers as umbrellas.

Suburban Beauty

It is on a rainy spring morning that beauty can be found. Apple blossoms.  Spring is here!

Beautiful Birdhouses

Birdhouses bring me utter joy! For years I have been passing by this house in Burlington’s Orchard) with a gorgeous porch, white picket fence, and some days loads and loads of colourful birdhouses. Today I finally stopped by and bought not one but two amazing birdhouses and the story behind them is even more impressive. Connor…


  So exquisitely Canadian with the hockey skates decorating the front door. Canada has my ❤️.