Suburban Beauty

It is on a rainy spring morning that beauty can be found. Apple blossoms.  Spring is here!

Beautiful Birdhouses

Birdhouses bring me utter joy! For years I have been passing by this house in Burlington’s Orchard) with a gorgeous porch, white picket fence, and some days loads and loads of colourful birdhouses. Today I finally stopped by and bought not one but two amazing birdhouses and the story behind them is even more impressive. Connor…

The Crispness of Fall

   It’s in the little moments when you least expect it. I saw as the sun was setting this incredible light shining red in the corner of my eye. I had to pull the car over and make my way through some uncomfortable weeds and thorny bushes. It was worth it.

Sunshine in Flowers

 Cloudy days deserve some sunshine.  A bouquet brings that sunshine inside.

Travel Inspires

Last week while I was in Germany I rediscovered the beauty of little bouquets and ‘Hagebutte ‘ (or rose hips). So with a basket and shears, off to the ravine Maizy and I went. We were successful in finding the Rosehips, Black-eyed Susans, and Queen Anne’s Lace. Lovely little bouquet.

How Does Your Garden Grow?

As part of my ‘recapture the youth I think I had’ summer, we decided to build a garden for the kids. Of course the garden is not for the kids exclusively but saying so sounds like such positive parenting.  After years of wanting a vegetable & fruit garden and getting away with having planted containers, it…