´╗┐Little Umbrellas

I can almost imagine a parade of fairies marching through the woods in a springtime parade with these beautiful flowers as umbrellas.

Your Moment of Zen

   The joy this place bring me is amazing. I could wander through the store everyday discovering beautiful things and need nothing else in life (other than a good coffee). Blackbird Vintage at Toronto’s Distillery District.  

Merry Christmas

  A fairy forest of delectable moss where last year at the same time, on Christmas Day, we had snow.    Merry Christmas!


   A reclining Buddha in the middle of the Distillery District … It’s a great reminder at the beginning the holiday season to take time, be still, and to be in the moment.


Raindrops are a wonderful thing …   

Sunshine in Flowers

 Cloudy days deserve some sunshine.  A bouquet brings that sunshine inside.